A Happy New Year

Last Updated on January 1, 2010 by Federal Disability Lawyer

May all Federal and Postal employees, past, present and future, have a very Happy and prosperous New Year. For those contemplating filing for Federal Disability Retirement benefits, this is a good time for planning, reflection, and preparation for the future.

Sincerely, Robert R. McGill, Esquire

One thought on “A Happy New Year

  1. I was approved for disability retirement on15 Sep 06, i elected owcp benefit. My condition was accepted by OPM for Thoracic outlet and cubital tunnel only. My claim eximaner is challenged my condition of TOC and CTS by second opinion doctors and proposed to terminate my medical benefit and compensation, because owcp hasn’t accepted TOC. Under 33 USC 908(a) permanent total disablity how can I get rated under the AMA of injury since my doctor is no longer in pracite for condition of TOC on both side and request aschedule award? Should I elected to on OPM now or wait until OWCP stop my benefit? thanks

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