Federal Disability Retirement: The Time It Takes For the “Process”

Last Updated on October 31, 2022 by Federal Disability Lawyer

Because it is a “process” as opposed to an application to obtain an automatic service, commodity or benefit, a Federal Disability Retirement application necessarily takes time.

It takes time to properly prepare the application; it takes time to have the treating doctors properly address the multiple issues needed in order to meet the legal standards of eligibility; it takes time for the applicant’s statement of disability to be thoughtfully and in a cohesive, coordinated manner be presented in a persuasively descriptive narrative; it takes time for the H.R. office of the Agency, or the H.R. Shared Services in Greensboro, North Carolina, to complete their part; it takes time for the finance office to complete their part; it takes time for Boyers, PA to process and prep the application; then, finally, it takes time once it is sent down to the Office of Personnel Management in Washington, D.C., to receive, review and evaluate the entire packet.

Further, right now, it just so happens that OPM seems to be “backed up” and, concurrently, has a shortage of personnel, and is taking an inordinate amount of time getting to each case.  As I often tell my clients:  If patience is a virtue, then Federal and Postal employees who file for Federal Disability Retirement must be the most virtuous people in the universe.


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3 thoughts on “Federal Disability Retirement: The Time It Takes For the “Process”

  1. I’ve received my csa number with a letter (I received this letter 30 days exactly after it was sent off to opm.) stating welcome to the fers and thanking me for my public service and that the have started processing my application and that they will begin intrem payments based on qualifying service as quickly as possible. I would like to know what’s next after this?

  2. I’m sorry if I didn’t provide all the info I’m 38 and suffer from severe generalized anxiety accompanied by panic attacks and have been on Fmla and now I’m in some type of leave status while a determination is being awaited. I was instructed by management at my job after a really sever panic attack at work that it may be best for me to apply for disability retirement. So Iapplied for disability retirement & I started the process back in August of 2015 and just received an email 7 months later in February 2016 saying they would move along my application to opm (it really was sent to opm in March) who just sent me that letter yesterday. The wording confused me because it stated they are processing my application but also stated they will begin interim payments and was thanking me for my service. I didn’t see any where it says approved so I knew it wasn’t an approval letter & I just wanted to know the next step in the process after that letter I received.

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