FERS Disability Retirement Help: Standard Forms

Last Updated on January 30, 2021 by Federal Disability Lawyer

Remember that Standard Forms are produced with the intent of having you believe that you are constrained by the questions as posed, by the space as constrained, and by the language as restricted.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

All forms, including governmental standardized forms, are merely inquisitive templates requesting information.  If the form fails to ask the proper question, or does not pose a question such that it does justice to your particular situation or problem, then you should freely ask the question you believe should be asked, on a “continuation page”, or in an addendum created by you or your Federal Disability Retirement Lawyer.

In FERS Disability Retirement claims, this is especially true of Standard Form 3112A (Applicant’s Statement of Disability).  Instead of answering only the constraining questions as posed within the framework of the form, it is often appropriate to add another page and create, and subsequently answer, relevant questions which are neither posed nor implied by the Standard Form.

This is not to say that the applicant should abuse the process by adding irrelevant questions; rather, it is to allow for the “full story” of a FERS Disability Retirement application.


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3 thoughts on “FERS Disability Retirement Help: Standard Forms

  1. This form really scares me. It could determine wether i receive benefits or not. Can you help me please?

  2. I am a retired federal employee, (30 years with ICE,. had heart surgery, hernias operations, and need dental surgery. Do I qualify for hardship monetary assist. from my 401 ? If so what forms or who do I contact?

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