Federal and Postal Service Disability Retirement: Don’t Act with Haste

Last Updated on December 27, 2014 by Federal Disability Lawyer

This time of year can result in Federal and Postal employees acting “in haste” — of resigning; of receiving a denial on a disability retirement application and not properly making a decision for one’s future or self-interest; of responding to Agency actions in ways which will not benefit one’s future.

The “Holidays” can be a trying time; those considering filing for disability retirement under FERS & CSRS should take the time to consult with an attorney to review all of the options open, before making any hasty decisions which may impact one’s future and career with the Federal Government.

Remember, even if the Agency is making noises to file an adverse action during this time, or is about to place you on a PIP, or is calling you in for an “investigative interview”, there is always time to respond, and in most cases, a request for an extension of time to respond should, and will, be granted.  Retaliatory agencies and supervisors love to use this Holiday Season, when time is shortened, to file all sorts of adverse actions.

Don’t respond in an inappropriate way; consult an attorney.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

One thought on “Federal and Postal Service Disability Retirement: Don’t Act with Haste

  1. I am on a doctor’s off work order due to a credible death threat. I have been diagnosed with adjustment disorder with anxiety and depression. My supervisor has put me on a pip, held my wgi and denied advanced leave and leave donation request. I am waiting for a workers comp decision. Due to the denials, I am going to be homeless soon. Should I request a disability retirement? I’m scared and my anxiety is worse. My supervisor is just being evil. Thank you.

    He has been hostile for a year.

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