Federal Disability Retirement: Actions from Federal Government Agencies or the Postal Service

Last Updated on September 8, 2014 by Federal Disability Lawyer

I often receive telephone calls from Federal and Postal employees worried about what their Supervisor will write in the SF 3112B (Supervisor’s Statement) — the lies, half-truths, and vindictive statements that some Supervisors will, for whatever reason, attempt to have that “last parting shot”. Such acts by supervisors are, for the most part, and fortunately, the exception, and not the rule; but each time it happens, it is despicable to the exponential degree — especially in light of the context of attempting to harm a Federal or Postal employee who has a serious medical disability, and needs the financial security offered by disability retirement.

As a general rule, the best approach to take is to follow the rule of thumb of the wise man: Do not worry about those things over which you have no control; focus upon those things over which you do have control. Remember that this is a medical disability retirment — with the emphasis upon the term “medical”. Having said that, a disability retirement application must first and foremost focus upon obtaining the most excellent medical report. If this is accomplished, then in 99% of the cases, it will nullify and make irrelevant anything which the Supervisor puts down on the Supervisor’s Statement. This is the best and wisest approach to take; do not waste your time, emotional energy, or any further part of your life worrying about a Supervisor who lacks the fundamental compassion to be honest and truthful about an individual who has shown years of loyalty to the Federal Service. He/she is not worth it.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire

2 thoughts on “Federal Disability Retirement: Actions from Federal Government Agencies or the Postal Service

  1. i want to apply for dissability ratirement from post office .i got the papers from the opm office ,in that it says i have to apply for social security office also, if social security disaproves than it is automatically dissaproved by the post office .please give suggesion to what can i do

  2. I got my disability retirement – problem is they keep reducing the payments using bogus reasoning that they are paying me too much. I cannot make ends meet. I worked all my life yet I know of people who never worked and they are better off than me because they qualify for local government aid. This is a very poor example for my child and his friends. The monies I am paid would leave me homeless but for I am living with family for the time being but that individual will die in the next few years or need long term care and then where will I be?

    Their paperwork says I can have my representative in Washington see to my affairs there with them. Duh, how can I afford a representative in Washington on these $? How convenient. I did contact a local senator and they just totally believed everything OPM says. What can I do?

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