2 thoughts on “Federal & Postal Service Disability Retirement: Personal v. Objective

  1. Hi,

    I am on medical leave for bipolar. Plan on applying to FERS disability retirement. I am contacting you to make sure that I do the right thing from the beggining.



  2. Luis, I am concerned about only one thing. Has management urged you to take medical leave. The reason I ask is management urged me to take sick leave when I was having frequent epileptic seizures. Then management turned around and gave me a choice to either-RESIGN OR BE FIRED FOR BEING-UNAVAILABLE FOR FULL-TIME DUTY.
    Since I intended to fight the FORCED REMOVAL-resigning seemed the better choice. Unfortunately three-3-complaints and three-subsequent appeals-did not result in favorable action for me. Each time the result was the same-Agency Action Affirmed.

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