Federal & Postal Disability Retirement: OWCP, SSD, NRP, Etc.

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Nothing works in a vacuum.  Issues surround medical disabilities, the Federal and Postal workforce, Social Security Disability benefits, and Federal Disability Retirement benefits, as well as temporary total disability benefits received from the Department of Labor, Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs — they all intersect in one way or another, and the intersection of all of the issues create a maze of confusion which is often difficult for the Federal or Postal worker to successfully maneuver through the multiple landmines, dead-ends and potential traps.

Such intersecting difficulties also arise in what the Postal Service has initiated in the last few years — the “National Reassessment Program” — a euphemism for a massive attempt to get rid of anyone and anyone who is not fully productive.  Under this program, the Postal Service is essentially getting rid of all light-duty assignments; and, of course, such a program intersects with Federal Worker’s Comp, because many light-duty or “modified duty” employees are under the umbrella of OWCP-offered work assignments and modified positions and duties.  People are sent home with the reason given that there is no longer any “light duty” jobs; they are then instructed or forced into filing for OWCP benefits; whether Worker’s Comp will actually pay for temporary total disability is a big question mark.

Ultimately, I believe that the answer will be found in filing for OPM Federal Disability Retirement benefits. The NRP (National Reassessment Program) is simply a macrocosmic approach of a large agency (the U.S. Postal Service), mirroring a microcosmic approach (the approach of most agencies towards individual Federal or Postal employees who have a medical condition which prevents him or her from performing one or more of the essential elements of one’s job) in dealing with “less than fully productive” Federal or Postal employees.  Then, of course, there is the intersecting issue of filing for Social Security Disability benefits, which you have to do anyway, under FERS — but whether one actually gets it, is another issue.  All of these issues intersect; rarely are these issues isolated; the consequential impact of all of these issues need to be viewed in a macro manner.


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One thought on “Federal & Postal Disability Retirement: OWCP, SSD, NRP, Etc.

  1. When is a USPS employee considered unemployed? AT 5 months into a Traumatic Injury, on LWOP for almost 5 months, 58 yrs old, 26 plus years employment, involved in auto/pedestrian accident; following all OWCP guidelines, we are looking at not being able to perform and probable termination from USPS. I am worried about the 5 month waiting period after filing for SSA disability. I know I have to apply for FERS Disability and SSA. The FERS, if approved will not pay all bills; Can I file for SSA, while still on OWCP? Is being on OWCP, considered still employment by USPS. The 5 month waiting period for SSA to start check will killl our good credit and ability to make payments on time. Do you have an answer?
    Thank you

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