FERS & CSRS Disability Retirement: The Packet

Last Updated on August 16, 2018 by Federal Disability Lawyer

It is often a good idea to understand the process of Federal Disability Retirement, in order to effectuate the best approach in winning a case.  Remember, for instance, that in all likelihood, the Applicant will not be speaking with the Benefits Specialist at the Office of Personnel Management; even if you call them (and I never recommend calling too often, for there is the “irritant” factor, which may — thinking in purely pragmatic terms — result in a First Stage Denial of your case), you will be a faceless entity, and merely one case in a long line of cases for the OPM representative to review and decide upon.

Thus, the key is to prepare your packet well — to not place superfluous medical evidence into the pile; to not just make a complete copy of your medical records (OPM is not interested in medical records dating back more than 2 years, at most, and in most cases, should only go back 1 year) and send it in, hoping that the sheer thickness of your file will convince and persuade OPM that your case is “serious”; instead, to make your packet neat, essential, and to the point. Think about it in pragmatic terms: If you have a project to tackle, and you have a choice to tackle the one with little or no effort, or that “other one” that is a headache and will consume your entire day, which one entices you?


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  1. Hello. My name is Tamara M. Richardson. I work at USPS, EIN 03627100, and plan on applying for disability. Will you please send me the paper work packet for disability & early retirement? Thanks so much. My address is 25 Riverdale Drive, Charleston, SC 29407. Please email me to let me know the paper work has been sent….either to my house or email: greyzone8888@gmail.com

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