FERS Disability Retirement: Reaction of the Agency

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I am often asked whether or not, at the beginning stages of the process of filing for disability retirement (when medical narrative reports, records, & other supporting information is initially being gathered), whether it is a good idea to notify the Supervisor and/or Agency of the intent to file for disability retirement benefits. That all depends upon multiple factors.

Often, the employee still desires to work. Because of the medical disabilities, and the continuing impact of the employee’s medical inability to perform one or more of the essential elements of the job, there is often the potential danger of an adverse Agency reaction — of using the statement of the employee to restrict or send the employee home, using the employee’s declaration of intention as an excuse that it was the employee’s own admission which resulted in such Agency action.

On the other hand, there are Agencies and Supervisors who, acknowledging the employee’s long tenure of loyalty, will “work” with the employee to provide some sort of temporary duties and accommodating employment stipulations. Such temporary measures are rarely considered to be “legally sufficient accommodations” under disability retirement laws, and therefore would have no impact upon any “accommodation issues” when the time of filing actually occurs.

In the end, the timing and manner of informing the Agency and the direct supervisor must have the input of the employee — who knows his/her agency, and the potential reactions therefrom.


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One thought on “FERS Disability Retirement: Reaction of the Agency

  1. My name is Scott Kroeger. I was denied Disability Retirement. I know for a fact this Legal Specialist Is not assessing my official Medical Documents that where submitted by several of my Doctors that have been treating me for my Disabilities and Medical Conditions. I was falsely accused having attendance problem. I am disabled Veteran and I am Service connected for Major depression Disorder. I was approved for medical leave for being incapacitated once my leave ran out I was approved for LWOP. During that time I applied for Disability retirement . I was awarded SSDI. I have met and exceeded the criteria for Disability Retirement . The Board Members are corrupt and falsify and manipulate the OPM system . I want to Make a official complaint against unethical tactics to deny my Disability Retirement.? I served my Country and 17 years in the Federal Government and OPM uses deception to deprive me of my Retirement Benefits . I want to report this conduct by OPM ASAP
    Scott L Kroeger

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