One thought on “Important cases which impact disability retirement applications

  1. I don’t agree with OPM’s non distinction between job-related and non job-reated disability retirement. I am retired from the Postal Service (CSRS) due a job-related psychiatric disability. I am 57 years old, retired 9/2008. I was penalized 8% (retirement age 60). I qualify for Medicare ($94.60 mo.) but not Social Security Disability because of the 3 years contribution rule. I retired because I had to, not because I wanted to. I currently receive Workers’ Comp ($2,544 mo.) but will receive annuity ($1,439 mo.) soon. After 25 yrs of loyalty and devotion including the past 7 years suffering from Major Depression-Recurrent, I am exhausted from the battle with OWCP/ DOL, USPS and OPM. I’d work if I could but I can’t. Even if I could, would I be able to find a job in this economy?

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