Agency Loyalty Towards a Disabled Federal Employee

Last Updated on June 8, 2022 by Federal Disability Lawyer

Many people who call me and tell me their narrative about the Agency, the disabling medical conditions, the growing inability to perform the essential elements of the job, and the resulting need to file for disability retirement, often reveal an undertone of a common element:  after so many years of loyalty, how could the Agency show such callous lack of caring?

I don’t have an answer to the question of lack of empathy on the part of a Federal Agency or the U.S. Postal Service; Agencies are made up of individuals; individuals show varying degrees of care, sympathy, and loyalty, but only up to a point:  if such care or empathy will somehow be perceived to harm the “mission of the Agency”, or if walking the proverbial “extra mile” for an individual who needs some temporary support is quite simply seen as “not worth the trouble,” then the individual will simply turn his or her back on the disabled individual.

When the individual turns his or her back on the employee filing for disability retirement, then the Agency turns its back on the person; for, again, Agencies are made up of individuals.  But what about the loyalty that was shown by the employee for all of those prior years?  How about the years of doing overtime, of doing extra work without complaint, etc. — doesn’t that account for some bilateral, reciprocal loyalty?

Unfortunately, it does not amount to much. Loyalty in today’s society is defined as:  What have you done for me today?

For the Federal and Postal Employee who needs to file for FERS Employee Disability Retirement benefits, expect the worst; expect that your Agency will not be supportive during the 6 – 10 month administrative filing process.  Then, if by chance, a supervisor shows some empathy and support, you will have been pleasantly surprised.


Robert R. McGill, Esquire


2 thoughts on “Agency Loyalty Towards a Disabled Federal Employee

  1. I am a postal employee who is going through so many of the incidents that are on this website,I did not know that there is a federal emp dis. I thought this was through DOLOWCP this site is very informative and I am glad that someone out of the USPS is aware of how the USPS treats their injuried employees, they literally abuse you with their actions of investigative interviews,threats of termination,OIG harassment and much more.

  2. Charlene, I also had the same experience with the Postal Service several years ago, and I know things have not changed, at least not for the better. In that time, I even tried to get help from the Postal Inspection Service, but the Postmaster told me that they are not supposed to help Postal Workers, that it was an administrative issue, it was not their “mission”. Months later, a Postal inspector showed up, yes, but with something against me. The union was not help either, all the contrary. If I was told about all these things you read about how they abuse Postal Employees, I would not have believe them.

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