2 thoughts on “OPM Disability Retirement: Always the Long Term

  1. My Human Resource Office plans are to remove me from the Federal Government if I apply for Disability. They will present poor performance gathered over 1 1/2 years of work and 4 different supervisors, each with different requirements or methodologies pertaining to work format. Management objective is to remove me after 33 years of excellent rates and services.

    I need help, I plan to retire in June of this year,yes, I have a disability,with expensive medical records, and still under doctors care for my disability; currently the organization is well knowledgeable of my disability yet, management is pushing me out the door without agreeing to my request. Do I need to seek an attorney?

  2. Are questionnaires sent to the doctor, or to the annuitant, if they are sent out? Does one get service credit if terminated on disability under age 62? For example, I have 19 years and 4 months of service when I went out on disability at 53 years of age. If I saw multiple doctors, when I qualified, Do I have to keep seeing all of those doctors or just the ones my doctor recommends best for my treatment? My primary prescribes most of my medications.

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