One thought on “OPM’s Medical Questionnaire and the Issue of Accommodations

  1. For the past three years I have received a less than Successful performance appraisals. Over the last few years my performance appraisals have gone down in scores. I was reprimanded for an explosive episode in which I had a PTSD reaction during the third mediation session. I was put on AWOL for leaving the work site to go to the emergency room. I have been under numerous letters of counseling and instruction regarding my usage of leave. I am considered to be bi-polar, and have depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Many days I have a hard time coming to work due to depression related to my working relationship with my supervisor. Also, the nature of my duties wears on me terribly. I am intending on applying for disability retirement. Do you think that I have a viable case to retire medically? I also have numerous migraines and recently was diagnosed with Lichen Planus and Lichen Sclerosus which are autoimmune disorders.

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